Thurlestone Village Inn

About This Project

In 2015, we undertook the electrical and air conditioning works at the Thurlestone Village Inn on behalf of The Thurlestone Hotel. The outstanding service and installation that we carried out during this project meant we have been working for this client ever since, undertaking various projects and maintenance works over the years.
The Thurlestone Hotel were looking to extend the Village Inn pub, to introduce relaxing seating areas with a dedicated dining area that could be used for private dining. The works also included the formation of toilets and a commercial kitchen. The original kitchen was extremely small for purpose and the extension meant that the space could be enlarged by three times its original size, allowing for additional staff and the implementation of a new menu.
Working alongside the main contractor, client and interior designers, we were able to provide a full electrical & air conditioning package that met our client’s requirements. We installed: a lighting system that was initially designed and specified by the interior designers, adding a number of lighting layouts to enhance the newer areas; air conditioning systems to the new lounge and dining area, and power installation- including general socket outlets and all required power circuits for the new commercial kitchen appliances. In addition was the installation of a new CCTV system, data networking system and the extension of the fire detection system throughout the premises.